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Complete Kits :
Our complete kits include everything you need to put up your curtain poles including finials, brackets and 1 ring for every 10cms of pole.  Holdbacks and extra rings are also available for some ranges.  The exact contents of what is included with your pole is shown on the product information page.

Mix and Match :
If you prefer a more individual look then our mix and match range is for you.  Follow the guidelines below to achieve your own look successfully :

  1. Select a pole - these come in various lengths.  Choose one that is long enough to allow your curtains to stack back to the sides of the windows to maximise the light.  Poles can be cut to size or joined with a connector if made from metal.  Wood poles come with a double end screw to join them.  As a general rule, you'll need an extra centre bracket for poles over 180cm in length.
  2. Choose your brackets - all poles will need x2 side brackets and those over 180cm long with also require a centre bracket.  For bay windows you will need to use flexible bay corners in conjunction with passing brackets.  These brackets give intermediate support and with the open ended passing rings, allow the curtains to move across them freely.  We also sell double brackets to hang two poles.
  3. Choose your curtain rings and ensure you order enough.  We recommend one ring for every 10cm of pole.
  4. Choose your finials and holdbacks.  This is where you can really add your individual style, with the choice of adding something understated if you want your window treatment to blend into the overall look of a room or dramatic or unusual if you want to make a real feature of your windows and curtains.

Choosing a pole diameter :
Pole diameter is an important part of choosing your curtain pole; not only for functionality but also for design. You could be baffled by the choice of sizes available from different manufactuers, so here at Poles2U we have simplied the process and identified 3 main categories.

    Slim poles (11mm - 20mm):
    Normally suitable for light to medium weight curtains. Ideal for use with sheers but can also create a contemporary look with stainless steel finishes. If you are looking for a traditional wrought iron this will all be found within these smaller diameters.

      Standard poles (21mm - 39mm ):
      If you don't want to think too much about it, this is the obvious choice. Nearly all of these products will be suitable for all weight of curtains (but please check individual product features) and won't look out of place on any size of window or design style you are trying to create. By far the widest choice of products will be within this category.

        Chunky poles (40mm - 70mm):
        If you want to stand out from the crowd and create a real 'WOW' factor, these are statement pieces. Don't think you need a huge window to use these, you can create an opulent and luxurious look on a standard size window.

        Curtain Headings - what they mean.

        There are a number of curtain headings which create a variety of styles:

        Pencil pleat - this heading creates a simple pleat that can be as tight or loose as desired. This style is versatile, and can be used on both track and poles.

        Eyelet - provides a simple, minimalist look using metal eyelets and pole.

        Tab Top - creates a less formal, modern look on a pole with rectangular tabs of fabrics spaced at approximately 20cm (8 inches) intervals.  Great for dress curtains / feature curtains, but can be problematic if need to be drawn frequently.


        Curtain Drop :

        Curtain length is a personal choice but as a guide, for window sill length curtains, measure to around 1 to 1.5cm above the sill, or add this amount if you prefer them to hang below.

        For full length curtains, measure to 1cm above the floor.

        The type of heading your curtains have will affect the drop length required :
        1. Eyelets: measure from the top of the pole to where you want the curtains to finish, then add on 4cm (1.5 inches).  Note that if you over measure for eyelets there is no room for adjustment, like there is with the pleated headings so make sure you double check your measurements.
        2. Tab top: measure from the top of the pole to where you want the curtains to finish.  For best results, position the pole approximately 15cm (6 inches) above the top of the window to minimise light exposure.
        3. Pencil pleat: measure from the eye of the curtain ring for a pole or from just above the track to where you want the curtains to finish.

        Curtain lining :
        Adding a lining to curtains not only enhances the look but can also extend the life of your curtains by protecting the face fabric from sunlight.  There are a number of linings to choose from depending on the location of the window. For example blackout lining for bedrooms and thermal lining for living rooms.  Lined curtains should be dry cleaned as the face fabric and lining can shrink at different rates if they are washed.



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