Choosing a Curtain Pole Hints & Tips

Make sure you pick a curtain pole that's suitable for attaching to your wall, is right for the window shape and appropriate for your curtains. Consider the weight of the curtains you intend to hang and remember curtain poles come in varying lengths, but if you can't get the size you want, buy bigger than you need and saw off any excess length.

Tip: If you will need to open and close the window a lot, choose a corded pole for trouble-free opening.

Tip: Ideally, have your curtain track or pole in position before you measure up for your curtains, this will ensure the drop for your curtains is correct.  See our guide on how to measure the drop correctly.

Tip: Make sure your curtain pole extends far enough beyond the window sides to allow the curtains to draw clear of the window and allow in as much light as possible.

Tip: If you have a deep projecting window sill or surround on your window, look for a curtain pole with fixed or adjustable extension brackets to hold them out from the wall and allow the curtains to run more freely.

Tip: If you want to hang a net curtain or sheer as well as curtains from curtain pole use our function search to shop for a double curtain pole allowing you to hang both together.