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Bay Windows are worthy of serious thought as to the best way to dress them. They are often highly decorative in their own right and form a major part of the architecture not only of the room, but also the outside elevation of the house. Bay windows act as a frame to encapsulate the world outside, so dress them with the importance they deserve, but also bear in mind that they are a great source of light and air so keep the window treatment to the minimum in the actual window.

If the room is fairly traditional then one method of creating a stunning impact is to use Roman or Roller blinds actually in the bay, one blind per section of window which can be pulled down at night and then have feature full length curtains that are fitted across the front of the bay window. These curtains should be fitted so that they remain well to either side of the opening and then dressed perhaps with curtain holdbacks or tiebacks, leaving the blinds to do the work. Choose an opulent curtain pole and finial to create the ‘wow’ effect around your window.

A modern bay window looks great with blinds, especially vertical or venetian blinds which will delineate the shape of the window, the minimal effect of the blinds emphasizing the view from the window. Bedroom windows in a modern home may still wish to be feminine, so curtains accompanying the blinds will give that special touch of romance. Once again fit the curtains outside of the bay so that the blinds can do the work with regards to light. Ensure that the curtains are pulled back to ensure maximum light penetrates the room during the day. We have a range of curtain poles available in romantic tones to complete the look of your room. Take a look at our Museum range of high quality, curtain poles available in a variety of colours and a variety of curtain pole finial styles.

Curtaining a bay window is the other method of dressing the window and as bay window curtain poles are now readily available in many different combinations, they will make for a more striking finish as the impact of a particularly beautiful curtain fabric will be stunning, especially if it is also featured as the cushion fabric.

There are basically two types of bay window curtain poles we offer

  • Pre-packed kits - all you do is simply check which of our bay shapes matches your bay window or has the same number of sections and then choose from our range of bay window pole kits the particular pole that suits your bay. There is everything in the pack that you will need and all you will need to do is simply cut the curtain pole to the correct length if it does not fit exactly to your measurements.

  • Make your own bay pole – Silent Gliss and Swish curtain poles both enable you to create your own bay window curtain pole. The wonderful choice of curtain pole finials will ensure that there is a curtain pole to suit every taste and style of decor.

If you would like to discuss your individual requirements in more detail please don’t hesitate to call our sales team on 07872461838 where our friendly personnel will be more than happy to help.

Even the tiniest of bedrooms can be given unexpected distinction by an interesting window dressing providing the focal point. For visual appeal and a feeling of comfort and tranquillity, warm neutrals in my opinion are the ideal colour choice. The right curtain pole can complete the soft, romantic feel to a room, or if you prefer something more dramatic a wide diameter curtain pole with an eye catching finial can create real impact in your room.

Curtains in a bedroom are more feminine. The Galleria G2 Mozaic Gold Ball Curtain Pole is a fine example of the sort of metal curtain pole that can really set the style of a room. The stunning curtain finial is a delicate mosaic of gold and chocolate mirrored fragments, ideal for harmonising with soft neutral colourings. The curtain fabrics and bedding will need to maintain the neutral tones, but the careful selection of a limited number of home accessories in golds or browns will ensure an interesting feel to the room. Subdued lighting is of course an essential ingredient to soften the edges of the room, creating a romantic feel to the bedroom. We have a comprehensive range of Galleria curtain poles to create a beautifully, stylish finish to a room. Simple styled holdbacks are also available.

A good bedroom window curtain pole for schemes that focus on colour is something that can blend well with the colour tones of the bedroom furniture, ensuring continuity throughout the room.

If you want to create a dramatic the Bryon and Bryon deluxe range of curtain poles will be ideal.. The hand crafted curtain pole and finals start from 55mm poles and are available with a variety of finial styles to suit any taste. The wide curtain poles ensure that they can hold heavy weight curtains that may be required to create the opulence you are looking for.

The Museum range is also a good choice for a bedroom, particularly if you choose the cream and gold wash or antique white colour of curtain poles. They are available in a variety of diameters, starting from 35mm, again with a full range of finial styles to suit your taste. Simple and stylish curtain holdbacks are also available to complete the window dressing.

Some go for the more trendy bedroom finish, which of course you are more likely to get away with in a bedroom as you do not spend most of your waking hours there. As long as the principle is not too outlandish, then if it suits you, anything goes. Sometimes a bedroom can be designed around a whim, perhaps a platform bed in a modern home or a four poster bed in a more traditional home. Have a look at our range of Hasta curtain poles for a modern, yet stylish and good quality look. Alternatively the Artisan range is also a stylish, affordable modern range of curtain poles.

Styles of the past have been fused with the modern to create a wealth of window treatments available for your interiors and home improvements. Traditional window treatments fall basically into two categories.

Formal Window Dressing

Formal styles of curtains create an impression of luxury in your home. Traditional styles include pinch pleat curtains on a brass or wooden curtain pole or curtains with a pelmet of decadent swags and tails draped over an ornate wooden curtain pole. The curtains are normally floor length and often held back with a pair of matching wooden curtain tie backs or classic hold backs. Decorative curtain poles can be used either with very ornate curtain fabric or luxurious silks in stunning colours. These types of curtains are often interlined, giving them a truly decadent appearance.

Country Curtain Styles

Wooden Curtain Poles

The other common style is the country cottage look which conjures up a traditional country house or cottage. This style can be pleasantly introduced into a town house, apartment or urban home by, for instance, the introduction of the right colour tones and curtain accessories. Flowers, being the most potent symbol of the countryside, frilly pelmets on a valance track or ready made eyelet curtains on a classical curtain pole are ideal for creating the country cottage look.

By keeping the window treatment simple and using classic wooden poles and subtle curtain accessories the feeling of country living can easily be introduced to your home improvements and interior designs.

Traditional Poles

We can now have all the stunning grandeur of the past with classic wooden curtain poles, different types of brass and brass effect poles and decorative window accessories being reproduced at affordable prices.


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